‎¿Qué significa la resurrección de Jesús? ‎

La resurrección de Jesús de entre los muertos es la base del cristianismo. Ninguna obra redentora sería adecuada y apropiada si quien la promueve no hubiera sido capaz de vencer la muerte. Pablo enseña magistralmente sobre este tema, y procuramos discutir sobre el valor doctrinal y profético.

Publicado por pastor Pedro Montoya

Life in Christ Jesus is the result of faith, of believing that Jesus of Nazareth is God incarnate and manifested as the Son of God, in order to, by His doctrine and example, reveal the way of reconciliation with the Creator whom He presented as the Father. Faith is a Revelation in itself, because no one can believe that God becomes man and maintains his status as God at the same time; faith is therefore the only way to find Jesus.

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